Tasty Food Corporation (TFC) is one of the leaders in the whole and retail sectors of the food items in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is one of badr Mohammed Bahlas Est. for Trading branches. It has started business since 2001 by main center in Jeddah and has established two other branches in Riyadh and Dammam Since 2003.

TFC owns a modern fleet of delivery vans. Also, it has a qualified salesman and marketing teams, which have a big experiences in marketing food items sector. TFC objects in dealing with Hypermarkets, Supermarkets and Mini markets in any place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition, it has opened a new catering department since 2007 specialist in (Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals …etc.) sectors.

The idea to establish TFC, came out from the real experience that we have owned and established in Danube supermarket, which is one of the famous supermarkets in the KSA.

While working in the market, we have noticed that there is a shortage in store items which are normally look to a special category of the customers. From this point came the idea of establishing a company specialist in this direction, which is the whole and retail trading with the foreign countries like: USA, UK, Italy, French, Canada and some Arabian countries. Also It is one of our desires and considerations to produce a set of special products, which is one of the most famous products sets of International and prestige supermarkets, to the customers in KSA.

TFC started obtaining its exclusive position as products distributor from some foreign companies to distribute their products in KSA and to achieve their trust.
Some of these global products: Chips from Fritolay & Lays global brands – Balsamic Vinegar from Monari Federzoni brand – some kinds of Sugar for Diet – some kinds of breakfast Cereal – some kinds of Maxican Foods – some kinds of Sauces like (Soy, BBQ, Steak, …etc) – Biscuits – Candies – some kinds of Juices – Pop Corn like Pop Weaver brand – some kinds of Frozen Items & Ice Cream ….etc. Besides those, we have the possibility to add a new items in future.

TFC tries hard to continue and keep on the strong and good character which acquired in the KSA market, and tries to improve the company continually; And to be up-to-date always, TFC is interesting to visit most of the International foods exhibitions which setup annually in all around the world.




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